Rapidly raised clump

Earth worked to set a camp

To dominate

Cruelly divide and rule

Subjugate, enslave

And never leave

They took the Commons

They hold them still


The Norman barons came in 1066 AD with William The Bastard and carved up the land between them for their own profit and profit remains the driving motivation of the power brokers in the UK today. More generous motivation seems beyond them.

Generations will curse the Conservatives for the harm they are causing. The poor live out on the streets in increasing numbers, exclusions of children with learning difficulties rise due to government education funding cuts, families are being evicted from rented accommodation due to the low wage economy and rentier capitalism, businesses are cutting jobs and moving to mainland Europe, ambulances queue with sick in need of treatment at our hospitals, public transport becomes unaffordable and unreliable, whilst our motorway to Europe is being laid out for lorry parking because of free market ideology, a metaphor for our hopes and dreams; a government planned choking of a major arterial route to our closest neighbours because of the extremism of Brexit.

In history I was taught about The Sick Man of Europe, (the decaying Ottoman Empire), but in time to come this United Kingdom will carry the label The Laughing Stock of Europe.