Private School Boys Shame UK

This is not the House of Commons, colleagues, this is the European Parliament.”

Mairead McGuinness*

32% of Members of Parliament are privately schooled, many from the “top schools” in England such as Eton, Dulwich, Winchester, Harrow.

The world has seen how the House of Commons at the Westminster parliament behaves when matters of national and international significance are being debated.

It is shameful to the people that the MPs purport to represent, that these men, (for it is these voices who shout, jeer and interrupt), behave in a way that is unacceptable in any school classroom where views are being shared.

When will this behaviour be challenged? It drags down the country’s reputation, (or can it when the UK’s name is already dragging at rock bottom?), stifles serious debate, brings division rather than consensus.

It may seem a bit biased to single out the private school boys, but bear in mind that the state school educated and women MPs have joined the political class relatively recently and have had to step into the boorish, bullying culture. Until the old school tie brigade grow up the House of Commons will continue to achieve nothing for the good of the people.

If these English Brexiteers think they can rule the waves again, England’s dreaming.

Time to look for a new way.

*Quoted from Ian Jack’s article ‘North to south, the seeds of Brexit division were sown long ago.’ Published 2nd February, 2019

CLP 02/02/2019

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Christopher Perry

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