On Walsall VII

White heron takes flight

A spirit carried aloft

Messages from gods


n.b. This may seem a strange Walsall haiku, but there were a pair of egrets by the river on Friday morning. The ancient Greeks saw the pure white of these birds as mystical and they thereby associated the egrets with the gods.

In Walsall today there are people from all over the world and many different gods are worshipped, thanked and cursed in this town. Even within monotheist religions the variation between the believers may differ greatly, so that it can be hard to reconcile the concept of one god with the multiplicity of various Christian churches, for example.

With this in mind these egrets, gods’ messengers, are likely to be kept busy running the word from heavens to humans in the Walsall metropolitan borough.


CLP 08/02/2019

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Christopher Perry

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