On Hold

What can be done now

Is more important than what

Problem blocks the path


n.b. I am at a point where hacking through the jungle of life seems very challenging. At times every day seems both too long, as solutions to long-running problems seem to move so slowly, and yet everyday also seems too short to do all that needs doing. I sense that this current period of struggle has dulled my writing.

Being able to spend a little time each day meditating as I write is very helpful. I also thank you for reading my thoughts here. It fascinates me to see which countries each reader is in at the time of reading. I would love to visit everyone and learn about how the world looks from where you are.

In the above haiku I have succeeded in running the words at the start and end of each line into two phrases that relate to the idea of the haiku, or motto, or philosophical point that I am trying to make.

If anyone can convert this prosaic piece of self-help into something more poetic I would be very grateful.

As I write it starts to rain very heavily. It is cold, the raindrops large. Traffic is swishing along the nearby road, but now the blackbird starts to sing, so often the first song of morning – a quite delightful song.

I wish you all a good day.


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Christopher Perry

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5 thoughts on “On Hold”

  1. Well I am thoroughly glad you’re doing it – I wasn’t going to do it either, but some friends, bless them, were encouraging and lovely, and promised to make sure I would be able to take part in a healthy manner that didn’t add more stress to current situation. I am so looking forward to reading what you write!


  2. I think it’s succinct and says exactly what it needs to, no frills necessary! I will give it a little bit of a brainstorm though, and see what comes out (at the moment fatigue has turned my brain into a petrified mass of fossilized gunk.)


    1. Feeling very unpoetic at present. Brain freeze here too, bit spring time, sunshine and some warmth…may get me going again. Just relaxed after bonkers weekend and out fell “Unquestionably” – I was not going to do NaPoWriMo this time, but I am warming up


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