Last Night

Dawn came in quietly

Through the dead cold

Without her usual blackbird herald

She slipped through the curtain

Crept under the door

Gradually filled the room

Its stark details at first soft

Then harsh reality


Silent tokens from shared lives

Chosen cherished items

Slightly dusty on the dresser

An ammonite in shale

A dried starfish from our beach

Rings and necklaces

Your favourite bangle

Framed friendly faces

Frozen smiles looked on


Three wheezy caws scratched the air

A crow’s shadow cast

Across the wall in passing

Ever watchful carrion

Watchful of vital signs

Watchful to their lack

He knew you’d gone

So he too went

Returning later with his sombre mate

To carry mine out

Cold-hearted to the hearse


n.b. NaPoWrimo Day 26 prompt: Use repetition in some form. Today I write of my greatest dread.

CLP 27/04/2019