There is a danger in farming

Not often discussed in polite company

That working with animals

Reduces the capacity

To work with people

As empathy with animals grows


The simplicity of sheep

The compliance of cattle

The stupidity of chickens

The hunger of owls

The savagery of the vixen

Leave little room for misunderstanding

But who can understand why crows might be moved in the hours of darkness to peck out the eyes of fluffy, yellow chicks to leave them running blind by morning?


CLP 18/05/2019

One thought on “Inhuman

  1. I am an observer. Especially as a child, I could not understand what appeared to be cruelty in nature. Now I realize those crows were just being crows. The juvenile Golden Eagle who plucked a perfectly beautiful duck from the water for its meal is just being an eagle. Humans, on the other hand, vex me continually and deeply. There seems to be a purposeless cruelty that I will never understand as being the nature of the human because we have the power to make choices. A fox? Not so much.

    Love this offering. Aloha.


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