On Rain

Green and pleasant land

Rivers run shallow, grass weak

Flaming June due next


n.b. We need rain and lots of it. The promised low pressure by-passed South-West England. The concrete water troughs that collect the run-off from the barn roof are markedly lower, a ring of algae marks the recent high water level. The Dowlish is so low that many of the stones on the river bed are exposed. Grass-fed animals need a healthy variety in the sward to thrive, but in these dry conditions not all grass types will prosper as they have done historically.

Meanwhile Somerset gears up for the next Glastonbury Festival at which 175,000 (!!!) people will need water for drinking, washing, cleaning and toilet flushing. The local water table needs this drain on resources like a hole in a bucket.

CLP 23/05/2019

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Christopher Perry

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