On Rain X

Warm weather approaches

Party time for the English



n.b. Monthly rainfall average for April 2019 in the Southern Water region is 22.7mm. This is less than half of the long-term April monthly average of 50.8mm. Alarm bells should be ringing very loudly. If you listen very hard you might hear farmers and gardeners saying that they are hoping it will rain soon. Nothing from the privately-owned, profit-driven water conpanies.

Meanwhile sales of hot tubs to fill with the precious liquid continue as the blubbery British find new ways to take the weight off their feet and their minds off the Conservative Party, Brexit and the latest breeding news from Buckingham Palace.

According to the retail chain Argos, in 2017 the UK’s top hot tub city was Newcastle. The top region for obesity in 2017, according to Public Health England, was the North-East where obesity is found in 27.1% of the population with a further 41.5% of people classified as over-weight.

Weight loss and well-being does not come with a plimsoll line tatoo on your belly, (or five bellies). https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/plimsoll-line.html


CLP 31/05/2019

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