On Rain XI

House martins seek mud

Offers gratefully received

Needed to build nests


n.b. Every other day, for the past fortnight or so, I have been topping up a large puddle in the yard that swallows and house martins have been visiting to drink from and gather mud for their nest building.

Yesterday as many as a dozen house martins were collecting from this hollow that has been made at a point where the tractor has frequently turned. I take the water to top up the puddle from an old concrete trough that stands by the track. Any rain that passes barely wets the grass, let alone forms puddles for the birds.

The Meteorological Office (“Met Office”) is suggesting a long period of rain will commence on Tuesday. They always seem to promise this and always for a Tuesday. It seems to be so much hot air.

I wonder if the forecasts are kept in the Met Office library and tallied up against the actuality?


CLP 01/06/2019

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Christopher Perry

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