On Rain XV

Shifts in the Jetstream

Washing machine turbulance

Ark! Heralds now sing


n.b. The above image shows the Jetstream forecast path and speeds as at 00:00 today. This pattern is unusual and is likely to continue for a sustained period. This particular air flow will help produce some quite wet weather, delivered in bulky packages until the Jetstream returns to a more usual arrangement. Nothing we can do about that except put on the wet weather clothing, close the M25 because of sink holes and review any plans in the pipeline for outdoor activities, (the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, or Glastonbury Festival, for example). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-48591882

Over a month’s rain forecast for parts of the north-west Europe each day for the next several days.


CLP 11/06/2019

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