The Island City

This sky darkens

Heat oppressive

Along the avenue

A leaf falls to the street

Cats forgo territorial rights

Stretched out immodestly on neighbouring walls as only cats can

Silence lays on silence

Doubled like thick cream

This silence flows into every pore

Lays as a cushion

Now a blackbird lets loose a burst of evensong

Children’s playful talk rises softly along the backyards

They sit out on the kerb-stones, feet in the gutter dust

From the main road, several streets back, a police siren splits the heavy air

We wait

Rose petals, hollyhocks, the fresh rosemary leaves float, held soft on the humid pillow

We wait

Light diffuses

Golden beneath these glowering clouds

An aircraft rumble

Like thunder

We listen, keener

Was it thunder?

Goosebumps rise to a sudden downdraft

We wait

And wait

In the silence

We wait


CLP 07/07/2019

Published by

Christopher Perry

Liberté, Equalité, Humanité