On Dorset IV (of XIII)

Weymouth remembers

Men and boys called from afar

Pawns of the Empire


n.b. From Suvla Bay, beneath the heights of Gallipoli, (Çanakkale “Beautiful City”) to the shelter of Weymouth Bay and the green of Dorset, where hospital treatment was provided after the slaughter in Turkey.

Even today to mention Gallipoli to an Australian friend invokes near tearful anger at the deceitful lies of the British; lies perpetuated to recruit Australians to the Empire’s cause in the war between the countries of Europe.

And still Australia has a Governor who represents the English monarch, Australia’s head of state.

n.n.b. The English royal family was re-branded as Mountbatten-Windsor from Sax-Coburg-Gotha in 1917 to avoid being noticed as cousins of the German, Kaiser Bill – and still the English sing ‘God Save the (monarch)’ as if a) there is a god and b) a need for royalty.


CLP 15/07/2019