Two Doves

Pure white at first light

Flicker in the grey, rise up

From emptied pasture


n.b. Where two Devon Red cows had been seen each morning, (until this Wednesday), usually scratching at the wire protecting the young tree, a pair of doves were sitting. I saw them alight their perch and fly up into the dawn. They reminded me of the last of the cattle that once grazed here at Thornfalcon.

CLP 13/09/2019

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Christopher Perry

Liberté, Equalité, Humanité

One thought on “Two Doves”

  1. Or, emptied glasses…My grandad used to drink in a pub in Cabterbury called The Two Doves. Apparently, he would come in one door, drink two pints of Fremlins bitter, the first of which the landlord would have waiting for him, and leave by the other on his way home for his dinner (lunch). Perhaps unusually in this day and age, the pub still stands and goes by the same name. I keep meaning to make the pilgrimage. Cyril Bertram Spain RIP


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