Is it Balmoral of me to sit here

As neutral as Switzerland during the World Wars

Accumulating wealth

Whilst the United Kingdom

Is asset stripped by Austerity

Subjecting my subjects

To increasing poverty?


I would not like to Buckingham the trend

By intervening in such a way

Other than to maintain the status quo

I take guidance from my Privy Councillors

Whilst I sit on the throne

Trusting that they speak with honesty and truth

Although my Prime Minister is a proven liar


Like all my subjects

I am subject to the Sandringham of Time

That runs through my hands

As I slowly lose my grip on Royalty

And The Anarchy returns once more to these Isles

That divide on a question of sovereignty

Not Blois this time, but Brussels

For which there is no clear Windsor


n.b. Balmoral, Buckingham, Sandringham and Windsor are the best known properties of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II.

The Anarchy was a period of widespread breakdown of law and order in England from 1135 to 1153 when Matilda, daughter of the previous monarch was identified as the Queen of England, but Stephen of Blois felt, as a male relative, that he should have first dibs on the lands of Angleterre.

The country descended into chaos and it took 18 years for peace to return to this septic isle. The people saw that law and order were not respected by the rich and powerful as they plundered what they might, so following the principle that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, all hell broke loose as the Commoners strove to live as best they could, despite the vicious squabbling of the lords and ladies.

Let’s see how Brexit unfolds before we all get too twitchy, shall we?

n.n.b. Elizabeth Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) is only the 17th wealthiest aristocrat in the UK. She is “not as rich as you might think.”

CLP 22/09/2019

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