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“You know he’s lying

Because his lips are moving

Alexander Johnson


n,b. The quotation used above is anonymous, but well understood in relation to Her Majesty’s Prime Minister, a msn described as a “greasy pig” by a predecessor of his in high office.

n.n.b. Sacked from two jobs for lying; a plagiarist; unable to admit to how many children he has fathered; a former member of the Bullingdon Boys, (a Cambridge based gang of hooligan toffs); believed to have lied to his monarch about a prorogation and now trying to sell his country a deal that is worse than previously negotiated by his predecessor, (a deal far worse for the population of the UK than being members of the EU).

Will he be held in contempt of court after his unsigned letter to the EU and its accompanying letter asking the EU to ignore the former?

CLP 20/10/2019

Published by

Christopher Perry

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