A Rhyme About Friendship

Aristotle’s musings

On what constitutes a friend

Is quite a challenging subject

He started discussions without end


Do we have friends for ourselves

Or do we love them for who they are?

It has to be a mutual love

Or else we would keep them in a jar


Some friendships last for lifetimes

Others are just passing through

Neither better than the other

You’ll know when they are true


A good friend is a mirror

They tell you what they see

They don’t say it to hurt you

And you do not have to agree


It may be that you hear them

It may be that you choose not

But when you lose the connection

Try not to lose the plot


Remember all the good times

That you have shared together

We all live our lives in different ways

And coincidence doesn’t last for ever


Memories are your history

That develops as you age

Do not taint past friendships

By tearing out the page


Respect the intimacies and laughter

That you have shared with an old friend

Try to avoid the “what ifs”

They will only drive you round the bend


If there is no tomorrow

With a love you still hold dear

Take what you’ve learned together

And travel on without holding onto fear


There are so many good people

Where ever you may go

Carry love lightly in your heart

And you’ll see your friendship circle grow


n.b. The language we choose to use defines our world. Pick your words with care and respect and you will write and tell the stories that define the way you think. You are what other people hear you say. It is your choice, obviously.

n.n.b. If you remember the good any future coincidental crossing of paths will be a lot easier and happier – I believe.

Thank you for reading.

CLP 30/12/2019