On Darts

Aiming for the Bull?

Striving for the Double Top?

Double One is okay


n.b. Most games of darts played by mere mortals finish with a prolonged round of shots at the Double One bed, all other opportunities to win having been missed.


So from this I conclude it is a good idea to practise Double One. There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. As in darts, in Life?


CLP 12/01/2020

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Christopher Perry

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2 thoughts on “On Darts”

    1. Well, I do like surprising people! 😁

      I’ve loved the darts ever since I was a kid – watching that is, not playing (my maths is too poor apart from anything).

      Happy memories of watching the Lakeside round my Nan’s house back in its glory days – and indeed more recently.

      It’s a shame they moved it to the O2, in my opinion, but I suppose that’s based more on my nostalgia for the game as opposed to any development of the sport.



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