At what point should I

Admit defeat and turn back,

Robert Falcon Scott?


n.b. When you are in a hole it’s best to stop digging. If you need to ask someone, it’s best to ask somebody who knows what they’re talking about.

In 1912 Robert Falcon Scott, racing to be the first expedition leader to reach the South Pole, led his men to their deaths. Roald Admunsen and his light-footed Norwegian explorers had got there first at the end of 1911.

A remarkable piece of music written by Vaughan Williams was commissioned in 1947 for a film (Scott of the Antarctic) about this ill-fated expedition. Williams extended the score into a symphony, ‘Sinfonia Antarctica’

Admunsen, by the way, disappeared in the Barents Sea in June 1928. There must be something about explorers, perhaps not knowing when to turn back.

CLP 14/02/2020

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