Ta Luv

Thanks a fucking bunch!

Ha! There’s gratitude for you

Thankfulness ‘s’a gift


n.b. An interpretation of a recent psychological study suggests that brain imaging shows that those who are generous and giving, who maintain a grateful mindset, are more optimistic than those who do not and that this attitude is highlighted by particular neural activity. It is a mindset that can be developed and sustained; it is not necessary to wallow in misery.

Keeping a gratitude journal is offered as one way to develop this mindset. Other methods include, going regularly to mass, turning to prayers five times daily, or being ever-thankful for what you’ve got; family, friends, health, breath in your lungs, sunrise, sunset, birds’ song, Winter frosts, Spring flowers, Portsmouth FC, whatever.

Let Eric & Ernie sing this post out, (but I don’t endorse their reference to “drinking”).

CLP 18/02/2020


    1. The study you mention – ‘it’s not necessary to wallow in misery’ – it’s an interesting concept.

      Just got me thinking – maybe things could be different if I was a bit more grateful for things I do have as opposed to lamenting the things I’ve lost.

      Still – I reckon I’d have a pretty boring blog if I did! 😉🖤

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