On 1st March

Vivid yellows wave

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Except for druids


n.b. “Happy St. David’s Day” indeed.

The druids were outlawed by Emperor Claudius in 54AD and in 60AD the Governor Suetonius began a campaign to wipe them from the face of Britannia. Although not entirely successful, his campaign severely reduced survivors of Druidic religion, with its human sacrificial practises, to the wilder parts of north-west Wales. Druids had previously moved freely and mysteriously through Celtic Britain until 43AD when the Roman Empire took military control of the islands.

Modern druids are now considered to be more musical, poetic, herbal folklorists than the religious zealots who roamed at will in ancient times.

CLP 01/3/2020