Voluntary Closures: Government Hides from Reality

The UK government chooses weasel words to encourage changes in behaviour without showing any sign of leadership and without taking responsibility for the population.

The talk of talks with businesses ignores a simple fact, businesses are legal entities, not real people. If a firm goes into shutdown because of lost trade, or because of the government request for voluntary closures, the workers get sent home. The workers need to eat and drink, not the businesses.

Rent and mortgages must be suspended. A universal income must be paid out. Workers are being laid off, not because they are ill, but because the businesses are closing voluntarily. This is businesses doing the right thing. The workers, not unwell, are then bereft of income because of the Corona virus. They then must qualify for support.

If it was a traditional war soldiers would be conscripted, clothed, paid, housed, fed and armed without question. This is a different form of war. The workers are on the frontline. They need feeding, housing.

Time to think about the people, not the businesses, unless the firm is involved in the manufacture and distribution of food and essential materials.

CLP 17/03/2020

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