Rock Pipit

Of all the birds in all the world

My favourite bird is not at all that big

It’s dull and brown

Slender not round

Without distinctive look


Male and female are indistinct

You’d have thought one would make an effort

But even so they get along

And have a pleasant life

They live by the sea

On Cornwall’s coast

Rock Pipit and his wife

(or is the other way about and does it actually matter?)


n.b. GloPoWriMo 2020 Challenge. Warm up. What’s favourite bird? The Rock Pipit, innit!


Christopher Perry

1st April, 2020


  1. Rock Pipit! What a lovely name – I’m learning new birds as I read through poems!

    So good to see you and read what you’re writing ❤ I have missed everyone!

    1. Hi Shuku Li! Delighted to hear from you. No need to wait for April. Many if these characters are writing all year round! Are you going to be posting? Have you done much writing these past 12 months?

      1. I’m posting, yes! I…haven’t really done a whole lot of writing, admittedly, that wasn’t related to work and editing/translation. But I have missed everyone very much and it’s so good to be back in the community of Mad Dash Through April AAAAHdom!

        I’ve posted two, the Early Bird, and Day 1, so here’s the blog link since I think it’s been buried…

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