In Dreamland

Cliché the commentator was taken by surprise

Could not imagine what he was seeing

Could not believe his eyes


The football pitch was purple

Goals were hanging in the air

The ball was a huge fat toffee apple

The referee an old grey mare


Beach huts dotted the terraces

With families at barbecues

Players ran around in waders

Except goalies in platform shoes


At the seven captains’ insistence

Laws of physics were to be ignored

At kick off they ate biscuits

And the whistle simply snored


The fans showed a little interest

When a pterodactyl flew in sight

Chased by a flying winger

Who never shirked a fight


The bustling centre forward

Wore a bustle on his rump

While the tenacious midfield terrier

Stopped to wee on a grass clump


The composed central defender

Was giving off strange smells

That drifted to the Kop End

Launching seventies flares and ringing shells


The clichéd commentator

Was getting all the details wrong

His microphone was a potato

And his watch burst into song


“I’m late! I’m late!” the startled man began to scream

Thinking he was still deeply held in his twisted dream

He ran straight out of his front door onto the busy street

But he hadn’t any clothes on, just slippers on his feet.


n.b. What an nightmare!!! Day 4 poem from a dream / dream poem.


Football: game played with a spherical ball that is kicked.

Goalie: a player who is allowed to use his hands to stop the ball going into the goal net.

Winger: highly skilled player who is usually slight of stature, wirey of frame and tricky, speedy and able to “fly” along the edge of the pitch.

Centre Forward: usually a physically imposing figure, enjoys bullying the opposition and scoring goals.

Central Defender: usually a physically imposing figure, enjoys bullying the opposition and stopping goals.

CLP 04/04/2020


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