From Malaya to New York

Not even the urban jungle

But a zoological city park

Surely cruel enough

For a big cat

Without catching a virus

Originating from a bat?


n.b. GloPoWriMo / NaPoWriMo day 7 prompt: use a news headline.

My example comes from El Pais of Spain; “Un tigre da positivo por coronavirus en un zoológica de Nueva York

Apparently two cats and a dog have also been identified as having Covid-19, (as well as the bats and pangolins).

We are not alone.

CLP 07/04/2020


  1. Poor kitty and those two poor dogs…people are abandoning their pets like mad and it’s cruel and stupid when in fact they can’t transmit the virus, it’s the humans that give it to them.

    Mine, for today and yesterday, since I’ve been ill and am only just catching up…hope you and yours are well (I am so glad your son is doing all right, I’m sure you are worried!)

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