Day 21

Four things I noticed today:

1. When walking through a cloud of midges the air is so quiet, so still, that I can hear the high pitch of their tiny whining wings. A large bee goes by with its deep familiar buzz emphasising the difference in size and tempo of wing beats between the insects.

2. Two small waterfowl racing desperately across the top of the reeds, searching for a safe haven as a sparrow hawk closes in. The first small bird threw itself into the drain with an ungainly splosh and so eluded the grasp of its swift, silent predator, who sped on without a second glance back.

3. Skylarks singing freely above the marsh. More skylarks singing than I could count. I could see none of them against the bright evening sky.

4. Out at sea a solid, flat-topped wall of grey. A fog bank running along the entire northern horizon, hiding much of the wind farm.

It was a warm again today. The moon is full tonight.


CLP 07/04/2020


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