Domestic News

The internal dialogue loops through courtesies, simple enquiries about health, discussions about food. Subtle changes in conversation lead to redrafted perceptions. Two siblings sharing a house again after more than four decades. As before, this is not through any fault of our own, but this time we make the rules. We are not so much like flies these days; there is no Lord.

Uncoordinated shopping lists lead to too many oranges, too many bananas, not enough milk, too few ginger biscuits. We learn.

There are no detailed discussions about emotions. These are managed quietly, separately. We share a place to live, not hearts.

Moods do not always coordinate, but a tone has been set. Acceptance of circumstances is the key to calm. Choices are carefully considered, gently expressed. Language is moderate.

The mass media menu is unchanging – the way to madness lies there.

It is outside the door where joy is sustained. Changing patterns of clouds. The seeming randomness of bumble bees. Flowers emerging in their long-established routine. The external dialogue of birds.

The Sun has a mind of its own here. Sharing warmth and affection for Life when feeling generous. Occasionally dim and distant, just about able to get up for work, drifting through the hours like a drunk who lives, but is not alive. Thankfully, today the Sun shines and is doing another long-shift, as it tends to at this time of year.

The subtle changes in rhythm of the Moon’s cycle bring solace at night. Despite the distance, you and I still share the Sun, the Moon and stars.


Christopher Perry

11th April, 2020