Day 27

Deep sleep broken by the unfamiliar heavy rain on the window; big, fat, heavy splats. I lie awake listening to the wind in the trees, until the rough sea and rain’s rhythm ease me back to sleep.

The local temperature fell by more than sixteen degrees centigrade in less than twenty four hours. From shorts and t-shirt to jeans, multiple layers and a woolly hat.

Blossom is blowing loose from some thorn bushes and leaf buds are opening up. Soon green will be the dominant colour as the white falls away.

Birds of prey are busy hunting across the marshes, reed beds and bird reserves. At least five species of raptor are scouring the nesting areas. The nesting water fowl are in a state of constant agitation at this unwelcome attention.

My son in China is working hard, grateful to be able to step out socially at will at the end of each day.

My eldest, having time with his family, is being treated like a bean bag by his two children. The videos I am sent are produced and directed by their mum.

Normal. Normal. Normal.

CLP 13/04/2020