Crossing Over

Thirty two days now I’ve been out walking

What have I found and what have I seen?

A spotted catfish curled up on the shore

A hedgehog sent to sleep in the road

A wide-eyed bird lying on the verge, so small I hid it in my hand

A piece of fibre-glass hull, jetsam from a storm spat dinghy

A side-swiped bumble bee, membranous wings frozen open on the lane

And I’ve carried a slow-crawling young toad across the street

So, like all the others, it made it to the other side


n.b. Day 19 prompt collect a “walking archive.”

Christopher Perry

19th April, 2020


  1. so beautiful – no walking for us in lockdown. no road, no river. no beach. luckily there is space enough to get a little lost in the garden.

    1. Hi Lindi, Thank you for your comment. I have been puzzled all day trying to work out what kind of a place you live in. It is good to know that you have space enough to get a little lost in the garden.

      1. I live on a small holding – mostly indigenous forest on a steep slope into a ravine. There is enough flat land on the ridge of the hill to keep some chickens and a few goats and to grow some veg. So I am incredibly lucky to be in lockdown here – plenty of space for walking and working and getting lost – but yesterday I do miss the river and the estuary and the ocean though. I cannot see them from here

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