Present Tense

This brittle air in sun so low

Glints off flints flash hard

To retain the joy of childhood

As manners evolve in new-formed slow queues

Found on familiar streets

Beside the sign, Stay Home, don’t be SHelfish 

Outside the closed café that specialised in crab sandwiches, 

That added by hand, by night

Lightens this dull conspiracy of compliance

In which all have dressed down

Even priests can go uncollared in isolation

Because we can

Grass verges spout unruly inflorescences and ticking time-bombs of dandelion clocks about to blow

I let the news headlines go

Fuck ‘em! They add nothing to our here and now

Where St George and the Dragon adorn the brick cornice of the shuttered pub

I hear the sea and bees

I fear my own stupidity more than that of others

I long to be able to walk out on the pier

To its very end


n.b. Day 25 prompt: Almanac prompt.

Christopher Perry

27th April 2020


      1. I love the introspection and self-deprecation. Hardly anyone would admit so openly that hey, the problem may be me, maybe I don’t know enough…

    1. Thank you, Liz. I thought little of the prompt until I actually made the time to address it. I think I got it all in there. Just got to get the photo in now.

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