On the Road II

We fall into step

Discover the passing beat

Of lost hearts and souls


CLP 26/07/2020


  1. Ron. says:

    Wonderful Senryu, CP, nicely accentuated by cool photography. Nice complement for the previous post, too. Congrats
    PS: This Vermonter especially appreciates any works about dirt roads. I’ve almost forgotten what driving on pavement is like. This article’s old, but I believe it’s still accurate: https://www.nytimes.com/1996/06/24/us/in-slow-paced-vermont-the-dirt-road-reigns.html#:~:text=Vermont%20has%20about%208%2C000%20miles,%2D%2D%20and%20only%20600%2C000%20people.

    1. Good afternoon, Ron. Thank you for the link to the article. There is one very large helping of common sense in that piece. Vermont sounds like my kind of place, comparable to Lockdown, Norfolk, or winter Somerset. Thank you for your comments on my senyrū too.

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