On Norwich

Dissenters give voice

Anxieties amplified

Perspective distorts


n.b. A small group of people who believe the coronavirus Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ (as they write it, indicating scepticism about its nature), anti-mask, anti-vaccination, 5G conspiracy theorists marched into Norwich city centre promoting their beliefs, berating the citizens of this fine city for following medical advice to wear face coverings in shops and other places.

The effect of the Lockdown and pandemic on the mental health of each of us is gradually coming to light.

It may have a long-lasting negative impact on a significant number of people who have had to work with the sick and dying in such numbers, with increasing reports of the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders amongst medical staff being heard.

For those less closely acquainted with the coronavirus, Lockdown may prove to have been hugely beneficial; giving space and time to reflect, review and make changes to a previously frenetic, consumerist life-style.

Here this small gathering of protesters is a C21st equivalent of a religious sect preaching bizarre doom and gloom, end of the world, second coming beliefs to the masses.

We will each process the impact of the pandemic in our own ways, but it will be through collective action that humanity will be best able to evolve new ways of living with the coronavirus.

What this group is doing is adding to the normalisation of the pandemic by demonstrating that human beings tend to cluster around ideas. Where before picking a verse from the Book of Revelation to justify any world view was common practise amongst religious dissenters, now individuals turn to the Internet and select whatever posts take their fancy for self-justification.

The gullibility of the lonely and insecure has long been a phenomenon exploited by snake-oil salesmen. The Internet provides a wonderful plucking post for the pseudo-scientists who make rich pickings from those already socially numbed by Capitalism and the Patriarchy.

By promoting numerous psycho-social conditions prevalent in our wealthiest countries, there are vast sums of money being made by the cynical new-agers, who thrive on encouraging a narcissistic mindset amongst their customers; who having identify as unhappy and then happily pay subscriptions to be told what’s really wrong with them and how to cure the problem in eight episodes, promoted as education.

Humanity’s strength is the ability to organise collectively, our weakness is our need to feel valued. Those with low self-esteem and money are those most vulnerable to the attention of self-certificated doctors of alternative practises.

So, where Norfolk has many fine examples of chapels and churches that were paid for by citizens seeking meaning during the upheaval of the Agrarian Revolution and the subsequent Industrial Revolution, today the money goes online to California, or whichever location the Dr Joe’s build their personal palaces.