Malta (for Daphne)

Sliema, concretion of clubs and bars

Narrow streets fleshed out by sweaty parties

Below thrown up towers that block out stars

They’re built on money from financial smarties,

Dodgy investors in this arid rock.

Roof-top infinity pools, (shallow draws

by comparison to the town beach), mock

The Mediterranean tide’s see-saws.


Across the bay in Valetta’s warm heart

Daphne’s candle-lit shrine is burning bright

To remind all of us that the dreadful hurt

Must be dug up, be brought into day’s light

So this island is no more corruptly run

By dirty money and law of the gun.


n.b. The fight for justice for Daphne continues this week with the police questioning of the former Prime Minister.

(Post and link corrected 23rd August, 2020)


CLP  22/08/2020