On Socks

“Don’t leave your socks on

until last.” she implored him.

He replied, “It’s cold.

They’re staying on.”

Their relationship moved

Through this communication

One step forward

Two socks back


CLP 11/10/2020


  1. This one made me chuckle.
    Nice work 👍🖤

    1. Making you chuckle!!! My life’s work is complete. 😊

  2. Great ending. Surprising – and more familiar than it should be 🙂

    1. It is these little details that make or break us!

      1. Break in my case 😉 Learning to be wiser though!

      2. I’ve been wanting to ask you Chris, bu felt shy about it. Would you like to be part of my launch team? I have a beautiful book coming up, made with my mum, who’s a photographer.

        I explain more about the launch team here: https://vansonbooks.wordpress.com/join-our-launch-team/

        The book has a forword by Shuku. It’s one of the things I love about it 🙂

      3. Hi Angela, I have signed up. Great initiative on your part. I think that this is the way ahead. What else do you want me to do? You have my email now from that link. I look forward to hearing more!

      4. Yay! Wonderful! I think it’s time that I set a launch date and get concrete about my plans 🙂 Octover Poetry Writing Month is just such a lovely distraction… I’ll start by sending you the PDF later today, so you can read it when you feel like it.

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