On the Surface v

Lumps and hummocks rise

Above East Anglian towns

But not high enough


n.b. An old radar tower, from the Second World War, or the Cold War, is now used to distribute wireless and mobile telephone signals.

At around 110m high, this tower is as tall as a football pitch is long. It is an impressive and strangely elegant structure. It stands at Upper Stoke, just outside Norwich, on a slight rise in the land, just 60m above sea level.

Whoever gets to climb the ladder to do running repairs at the top must have nerves of steel.

In the whole county of Norfolk, the highest point of its gently-shaped surface is close to the coast at West Runton, where Beacon Hill is 103m above the sea. By comparison, Scarfell Pike is England’s highest point at 978m, (3,208 ft).

Given the continuing rise of sea-levels the land heights are approximate and possibly over-cooked.