On the Broads

Sugar refinery

Unashamedly ugly

Birds seem more reserved


n.b. Groups of bird watchers wander abroad armed with binoculars, telescopes, cameras with telephoto lens extensions, all studiously seeking out the latest over-wintering migrants amongst the reeds and ponds of the Norfolk Broads.

Meanwhile the sugar beet refinery, run by British Sugar, continues to churn out more of what we should eat less of in the background.

As manufacturers reduced the amount of fat used in food production, the sugar (or energy) quotient increased. There are important debates being held about sugar consumption and the health risks of the unhealthy quantities of free sugars in processed food and how they are used in domestic food preparation.

For more information follow this link to the UK based charity for diabetics and research into diabetes.

British Sugar is doing OK. Part of Associated British Foods, precise figures about its profitability are hard to come by, but as the sole purchaser and refiner of British grown sugar beet, they are in an interesting position when it comes to setting prices it will pay to UK farmers for their produce.

If you have the appetite to explore the topic of sugar and health and the complex economics of the sugar industry and its implicit historical relationship with slavery, a good place to start is in this Guardian article.


CLP 24/10/2020