Lockdown 2 (Day 5): Norwich

9th November, 2020

The realisation that this is a very different situation to the original lockdown is slowly dawning on me. As a single person I have my own company most of every day. Any other  contact is restricted to one other person at a time, unless I attend a class at the university, where we meet in limited numbers and all at distance.

There is no opportunity to meet anyone new with shared interests. My limited establishment of contacts here will have to meet my social needs for now. Is this a problem? Not really, but I am in stasis. This is how life is going to be for a while. Will this second lockdown end in early December? If it does, what form will society assume next?

In the early afternoon I walk the inside loop of the river. On my way I walk with a couple of my neighbours. We discuss mutual concerns about missed medical opportunities to treat breast cancers, for example, or address the rate of suicides in London.

I continue past Cow Tower on my own and then go into the city and have a hot drink from a café near St. Andrew’s. Queuing in the café I ask a man if is he going to wear his mask, as required. He searches his pockets for some time, embarrassed, cannot find a mask. He explains it must have fallen from his pocket. I am sympathetic, it happens. I do not want him to feel put upon. I might have been him, but I hope that I would have stepped out of the café to search my pockets and then gone on without coffee if I could not have found my mask, (I hope).

I sit outside the St Andrew’s Hall, where a meeting of masked women has just finished and they stand beside their cars talking about their work and online meetings to come.

The sun is out again, despite the forecast. Apart from the masks that so many more people are wearing, life seems like just another Sunday. It is in fact Monday. Every day resembles a Sunday. There is nothing to report on the wildlife front except a sparrow, gulls, pigeons and the Wensum swans.

During the evening I spend time attending the first half of an online poetry event. I have two calls to make to catch up with close friends so duck out at the interval. It has been a noticeably good standard, but I lose interest. I have some sourdough bread on the go. I bake that and am pleased with the way the loaves turn out – the best yet.

There has been news of a break-through in the search for an effective vaccine. Stock market shares have risen rapidly on the news of a vaccine being available for Spring 2021, if all tests proceed successfully. This thing is not over, but there is a light. Will people assume they can resume normal lives? Will there be new ways of living, or a return to the unhealthy ways of the very recent past?

Nothing will change in the short-term. I take a shower and go to bed relatively early.


CLP 9th November 2020