Lockdown 2 (Day 6): Norwich

This medieval city, situated on higher ground is like so many French cities, its fingers reach out like spokes into a vast catchment area. It is easy to find the centre, difficult to connect the spreading parts.

Today I cycled out and was able to link up a couple of suburbs because I had the time and space afforded by this second lockdown to explore a little further. The lighter traffic is a boon for flâneurs.

Mist and the threat of rain had not deterred multitudes of dog owners, nor owners of multiple dogs from walking. I think that there are many pocket-size canines in the city centre and larger, heavy hounds in the suburbs.

Have people in flats and apartments bought Lockdown Lapdogs for company? There seem to be many dogs hardly able to look over their owners’ instep around.

I continue my search for wildlife. My heightened alertness has brought no reward. A magpie drops down between some willows in some marshy ground. I hear a wren’s alarm call. I was woken by a blackbird’s clucking this morning. That was at 05:10h when daylight is more hope than reality.

The mistiness of the mid-morning indicates the mildness of the air. Unseasonably warm November weather is promised, which means that it will be wet and windy for a while.


CLP 10/11/2020