Lockdown 2 (Day 7): Norwich

Dogs. Dogs everywhere. Talk of dogs being bought. Dogs.

Kicked a football around in a park with some friends who invited me along as a Plus 1. We won 3-1 in first to three, two touch, two-a-side with jumpers for goalposts.

I had an argument with a man in a van today. Not a big argument, more an exchange of information.

He wasn’t indicating as he came round a roundabout and I had to brake hard to stop being run down square on, having misread his unstated manoeuvre.

I pointed out he wasn’t indicating. “You weren’t indicating!” I shouted. “Indicate!” I advised. “Wanker!” He responded. We left it there, waving adieu to each other on parting.

Nothing much else to report really, except getting a cuppa and bacon bap from Harry’s in the park, which was fab.

Oh! Except the government said students can only travel home for Christmas holidays between 3rd and 9th December, which is interesting as Lockdown 2 was due to end on 2nd December, 2020.

Hmm. Something not quite right there.


CLP 11/11/2020