Lockdown 2 (Day 15) Norwich

A message from my son, the elder who works in a huge hospital on the south coast. His spirits have been lifted by the news of three vaccines that promise relief from the pandemic.

This is the start of the third week of England’s second lockdown. 501 people are reported to have died today within 28 days of contracting the coronavirus. The Prime Minister announces £24.1* billions will be spent on modernising the armed forces, something that comes out of the blue to many people.

He suggested that the UK has been in “retreat” and this money will restore the country to a position of international military influence, he claims. This contrasts with a decision made a day or so previously in which international aid has been significantly reduced, “to help pay for” coronavirus.

The only retreat the UK has been engaged in has been the retreat from a peaceful European Union, membership of which is now over and with a transition period that is planned to end on 31st January, 2021.

I retreat under my bed covers.


n.b. *£24.1 billions (corrected from £16 billions. Source The Guardian, 19th November 2020).

CLP 19/11/2020