Lockdown 2 (Day 16): Norfolk

Clear, dry, cold. Temperature at 09:00 hrs is just above freezing. I meet with my cycling buddy from Norwich and we set off at pace toward the countryside through Thorpe St. Andrew.

Avoiding major roads we make our way to Acle. After a tea and bun from a café on the northside of the A47, we make the trip back under a sky that turns from blue to grey. We part after just over three hours cycling. We are close to frozen, but invigorated.

At one point on the route a skein of geese pass noisily overhead. They are heading south, calling to each other as they go, evoking winter.

Plans are being formed to vaccinate the populace. Some will refuse to have such a vaccination and continue to argue that the illness is a fiction, or a grand scheme to control free thinkers. A term, “sheeple” is amusingly coined by “free thinkers” to diminish any sympathetic connection with those keen not to add their friends, family or neighbours to the +50,000 victims of this coronavirus in the UK.

A friend and l discuss the difficulty of talking reasonably with people who espouse firm beliefs, evangelise their belief systems, put down those who have different perspectives. People use beliefs in order to be able to simplify the complexity of life.

As I get older I believe less. The world is a complicated place and for me that is what fascinates.


CLP 20/11/2020