Lockdown 2 (Day 19) Trowse

Monday 23rd November, 2020

It is a brilliant cold and frosty morning. I scoot out of the flat and walk through Trowse and the back of the “forest”, (as a woman referred to it when I first went exploring the area in August). The frost is heavy where the sun has not reached.

The artificial ski slope is blanketed with ice and looks surprising like a ski slope one might find in The Alps, which all look equally artificial without snow. The mountains look disfigured in the summer months where the heavy machinery of the ski lifts stand idle.

I continue on my walk and pass a number of couples and people with dogs doing the circuit in the opposite direction.

The ring road traffic is dreadfully noisy and I am glad when I get down to the broad and am able to walk beside the water. I take a tea from the café and enjoy the feeling of the Sun on my face for a while. This looks like a decent walking destination. I have only ever cycled past it previously. It is good to move more slowly and be able to savour the details.

One of my friends does this walk on a daily basis. Each day is up before the Sun at this time of year and uses this daily exercise as his meditation. He takes photographs for his Instagram account. Even in late summer he has photographed far too many sunrises for it to be healthy. Sleep is a foreign land to him.

In late afternoon I head up to the gardens for a tea. It is a simple pleasure to make that walk and sit in the gardens listening to the blackbirds pipe the night on board.


CLP  27/11/2020