Lockdown 2 (Day 24): Norwich

Saturday, 28th November, 2020

The trees on Carrow Hill have shed most of their leaves now. These trees are no longer dampeners to the manufactured sounds of the city. The steel shuttered pub on the wharf has been cleared of buddleja and brambles, the exposed brick walls carrying the slogan ‘NO TRUMP’ contribute greater resonance. Thus King Street carries the amplified music from the football ground along its route, past the old Music House, past the closed up Waterfront music venue, toward Tomb Land.

There is a match scheduled against Coventry City. No fans allowed. I wonder if a mostly empty stadium needs the volume turned up full? The sound is distorted by the reverberations off the old wharves, the new apartments, the shops and closed bars, the naked trees. It is unpleasant to the ear; atmospheric pollution.

It is Saturday. The bread is available in Morrison’s and the circus is performing on Carrow Road and other football stadia. Surely everyone is happy?

It is reported from London that an anti-Lockdown rally has turned violent. Police have had bottles thrown at them. Regent Street was closed for a while as protesters were forcibly removed from the road. It appears not everyone is happy, certainly not the police who made 155 arrests. Are protests a legitimate reason to travel and meet?

I am very tired after the release of emotions yesterday evening. I had slept well, dozed briefly this late afternoon and am ready for bed again by 22:00 hrs. I have felt calmer today, but yes, tired.


CLP 28/11/2020