Lockdown 2 (Day 25): The Apartment

I woke just before 05:00 hrs and heard blackbirds’ morning calls, then crows from across the street on the hillside.

Before 06:00 hrs there were two men just along the road having a drunken argument that seemed unresolved when they moved indoors somewhere close by. Next I heard two joggers, (one male, one female) chatting as they went by at around 07:00 hrs, well before any traffic.

Later I stood at the window for a bit and looked at the tree line of Carrow Hill before returning to my work. I like the tree line. No word from the owls up there recently, but I am sure they are still about.

Just about three weeks until the Winter Solstice on Monday 21st December. That will be something to celebrate! It is always such a relief to get to that point of the year.


CLP 29/11/2020