Lockdown 2 (Day 27) Morrison’s

Tuesday, 1st December, 2020

How long it took me to get out of bed, what I read, or wrote and listened to is unimportant. The crucial thing is that I managed to get myself out the door across the river to the supermarket to buy organic tomatoes, cucumber and fennel to go with my supper. I also needed more bread flour.

It was crucial that I made that step outside. In the supermarket there is always some interaction, whether a side-step, a step-back, a wave through, a nod of appreciation, a thank you, although the thank you may be from the automated voice of the self-service checkout machine. You may have noticed that the “Thank you for shopping at….” tends to be the greeting as you carry your basket to the automated checkout, as the previous shopper has already promptly departed. I wonder who had the job of calibrating the sound track for the machines. “Thank you for shopping at…” is always a falling echo as I leave the bagging area.

It took me less than twenty-five minutes to walk to the store, shop and put my shopping away in my kitchen. I was invigorated by stepping out under the bright waning moon, past the local football ground and across the car park. I subsequently enjoyed my evening after a drab day in doors.

Receiving an email telling me that I am in the group of supporters entitled to buy a ticket to attend a football match at the weekend played an important part in lifting my mood. My first task tomorrow will be to book my seat at the game. 

The last time I went to the stadium on 2nd March there were 18, 809 fans attending; on Saturday there will be a maximum of 2,000 of us well-spaced out, well-wrapped up. It is going to be cold.

My ability to concentrate on other matters will waver during the next few days.


CLP 2nd December, 2020