Tier 2 (Day 3)

I told you it was getting cold, but then it warmed up enough to snow. Which excited some people and depressed others.

The snow was light, but pretty and swirled as it should before just fading as it landed. I put on several layers before cycling out.

On my way to to get supper from the café a couple of teenagers made a point of overtaking me. One of them was cycling sitting up and keeping his balance so that he did not have to get his hands cold on the handle bars. His mate was holding on and pedalling furiously to keep up. I did not take the competitive bait but easily caught up with them at the cycle crossing.

Of course the more confident one did not wait for the lights to change and sped off as soon as there was a gap in the traffic. His mate followed and fell spectacularly onto the road. Front wheel twisted completely out of line, back wheel went away from him. He lay there for a few seconds, bike splayed across the dual carriageway. His mate came back and helped him up before any cars came upon them. Then after a bit of reconfiguring of the machine, off they jolly well went into the dark of the park.

Two wheels good, four wheels bad, but in these conditions wearing gloves and a crash hat is important for when the slip happens – as it will.

Annie at the café told me that after a short Christmas break they will reopen for the New Year and feature tables with outdoor heaters to make the patio more welcoming. I am looking forward to the day when I can go inside with some friends and sit down for a meal and a few drinks.

Overall the week has been one of progress. I am certainly happier this evening than I was this time last week. Meeting an important deadline for a project has certainly helped, as has the lifting of Lockdown 2.

Tomorrow I head south for the football.


CLP 04/11/2020