Tier 2 (Day 7) Rockland St Mary

Tuesday, 8th December 2020

Beautiful though it was I was not keen to go cycling today, but having promised a ten o’clock start and offered my friend by text an opportunity to call it off only to be told “Yes up for 10!” I had no choice.

Of course, it was great to be out there, but my winter cycling pants have shrunk during Lockdown 2 and I was forever trying to pull then back up as they crept down to expose my lower back (I hope that was all) to the freezing air. It was either zero or lower for the duration of the ride. 

The Sun was up and did have some influence, defrosting the ice on the leafless trees just enough to drop ice particles onto the road. The little ice balls fell like slow motion rain and splished onto the road and onto us as we passed.

We managed to follow a route that felt as if it took us up every hill in south Norfolk, before we descended in stages to the Yare and headed through Trowse back to the city. Both of us feel lacking in fitness after days on end when we have spent most of the time working indoors.

There was a radio interview with a biographer of John & Yoko Lennon on when I got back home. Forty years ago today was one of the darkest of my life. Already having lost my grandmother and father that August, the murder of John Lennon was nearly the final straw for me, living alone in a bedsit at the time. I got myself out of bed somehow the day after.

This rewind to 1980 rather overshadowed my thoughts today, a day when the first stage of public vaccinations began in the UK. Hurray!!!

Online meetings took up the rest of today, although I managed to bake more bread too.

Tomorrow I have a bread delivery to make and then back to my desk.


CLP  08/12/2020