On Numbers (45 and counting)

Mexico, Iran

Journalists murdered and hanged

For pictures and words


n.b. While in England we have skilled writers pedalling propaganda for the Brexit cause, in Mexico a journalist was shot down on the street near Jerez, after taking pictures of bodies of people murdered and left by a roadside.

In Iran a journalist alleged to have been using social media to encourage participation in the street protests against the theocracy of Iran in 2017 was executed this week.

Rullohah Zam, aged 47, was found guilty of “corruption on Earth”. Who could be so pure of spirit to qualify to pass a judgement on such a charge?

Jaime Castaño Zacarias was on his way to report on a local town hall meeting when he stopped to photograph the victims of a massacre. Thugs who run drug gangs in Mexico are thought to be responsible for all of the murders that prompted Jaime Castaño to stop and take photographs.

These two news staff are the latest to die as a result of their work. The numbers are tracked by the International Federation of Journalists.




  1. Hard to ‘like’ such harrowing facts, still it needs to be said my friend 😔🖤

    1. Complex isn’t it? We have to accept the biased to make way for the brave, or it isn’t a free press. But lies…that’s a different matter. Who defines the truth?

      1. Couldn’t agree more 🖤

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