Tier 2 (Day 12) Whitwell

By the time Sean and I had reached the café at the Whitwell & Reepham railway junction my feet were iced. We had agreed to meet at 09:00h, so this meant I had to leave at 08:30h.

We were supposed to have been nipping out for a quick cycle ride. I got home about four hours later – everything still intact with my blood system, except my feet. I paid £2 to one of the lads at the car hand wash in the Morrison’s car park to spray on soap and then spray off the gunk from my bike. Money well spent in my opinion. It costs at least £5 to get a car done, but my bike needed help and would suffer if not cleaned immediately. As ever going on a ride out with Sean is a good physical test as we do not hang about and chat as we wend our way through the Norfolk countryside. A bit of gentle humour and no politics of any sort always make it an enjoyable event.

We made it out and back before the rain came. I was happy to settle back into the apartment after nipping to get essential shopping from across the bridge, including some cleaning agent to help remove grease and deeply engrained mud stains from my kit.

I return to establish that Johnson is getting a kicking from the grown ups in the Conservative party and representatives of UK businesses for jeopardising the nation’s economic interests. The EU agree to keep talking to the buffoon, but it is pointed out that the UK said it was leaving, so if the UK still wants to trade they have to follow the rules as described back in 2016.

The Prime Minister is known to be a liar. Farage and his cult have been unremittingly insulting to the EU Parliament for years. I think that it is very good of the EU Commission to continue to even entertain the idea of extending talks with these playboys. In the world of grown ups a restraining court order would be slapped on Johnson and his clowns to tell them to go away.

I am sure that the newer members of the EU would welcome the chance to build the goods that the UK will not be making in future as a consequence of this bizarre English Nationalism, although Northern Ireland will probably enjoy a bit of a boost from effectively staying inside the EU free trade zone on Hibernia.

The chaos of Brexit masks the desperate reality of the continuing Covid-19 crisis, which is more immediate in its impact on daily life. Masks are worn all the time in town by more and more people, although yesterday the butcher told me that there are still the idiots who crowd his counter and do not wear face masks.

I sense a sharpening of mood amongst my fellow citizens. It is cold. The days are short. We are tired.


CLP 13/12/2020