Tier 2 (Day 13) St. Stephen’s Street

It didn’t look good. I walked down the hill and there was a bus at forty-five degrees to the corner. A police car had formed an impromptu barricade to shield the paramedics tending to the prone figure.

Later that side of the street and Rampant Horse Street were closed off and the blue and white tape was being stretched across the pavement outside Debenhams to keep divert the pedestrians.

I wondered what she was thinking when she stepped in front of the bus. Was it, “I will just get one more thing for…?” Was it, “Oh shit! A bus.” Was she answering a text message? Checking her shopping list? Did she get a chance to give a message for her beloved to the person who came to heraid?

The Christmas shoppers hushed, reduced their rush. All glanced at the scene and a subdued mood settled on St. Stephen’s Street as the buses backed up and all the schedules were thrown out. Strangers told strangers what they knew as they waited in the congealing bus queues . Two buses stopped opposite each other so one driver could update the other through their signalling windows. Most important would have been to establish who the unlucky driver was; the one that might have been one of them under a different rota.

The first Lockdown did a great job at getting traffic off the streets, perhaps we are not being as wary of traffic as we once were.

I have commented previously on the speeding vehicles along my street and others in Norwich. The 20 mph maximum signs are no more than decorative street furniture.

There is no implication of the bus driver having done anything wrong today. It looked like the woman had stepped out without checking over her shoulder for the bus pulling round the corner. The bus driver would have been checking over his right shoulder to make sure nothing was zipping along towards him as he pulled out. An accident. An accident just a few metres from where I saw the young cyclist recovering last week.

The proximity of Police HQ meant that there were enough officers on hand to form a large kettle of cops, (is that the collective noun these days, I forget). I am sure that the sheer number of officers in one place must have caused some minor consternation. Fill in the gaps yourself to speculate on what the men and women on the streets of Norwich may have feared had happened in St. Stephen’s Street this afternoon. A small tragedy.

The local newspaper reported that the accident victim was an 80 year old woman who died a week later.

Note to self…Embrace Life


CLP 14/12/2020