Tier 2 (Day 14) Carrow

I did some deliveries, (bread, cards), bought stamps, posted cards. Wrote some ideas out. Ate. Watched a 0-0. In bed by 22:15h. Something of a record of late.

Looks like the government have decided to take on teaching authorities and head teachers. Some of the inadequates of this cabinet still acting like school bullies. This won’t turn out well.

Tomorrow we are expecting Christmas relaxation of household mixing et cetera to be cancelled.

Meanwhile supermarkets are stockpiling as best they can for the end of the Brexit transition period on 31st December 2020. Apparently an official celebration costing a few £££s millions is under preparation.

Oh yes!!! I saw two massive brand new snow ploughs in the sidings of Norwich station…what does Railtrack know we don’t?


CLP 15/12/2020